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The Android monitoring app that goes deep in the mobile tracks every activity and stays up-to-date.

Why Is SpyDetections Android Monitoring?

Performs in background mode

Entire monitoring is carried out in the background, and the app remains invisible in the installed device.

Cost-effective solution

SpyDetections enables you to monitor your near and dear ones' activities at an affordable price.

Easy installation process

The app has a simple and effortless installation process, taking less than 10 minutes, even without any prior technical knowledge.

Reliable and secured platform

The data collected by the Android spyware is kept encrypted and will only be accessible by you.

Latest and up-to-date information

The app updates all the data every 5 minutes so that the tracking is efficient.

Ever active support

SpyDetections comes along with 24/7 customer support to make you always guided on how to spy on the Android phone using our app.

SpyDetections Android Monitoring Features

Call log access:

This Android spy software lets you access call logs, and block unwanted calls from reaching the device.

Messages tracking ability:

With this Android tracking software, you can read sent or received messages on the target device.

Monitor social media apps:

It lets you access WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, etc.

Access to Mobile GPS:

As an ideal cell phone spy app for Android, SpyDetections allows you to track the monitored device’s live location.

Check media files:

You can monitor the multimedia files in the device, including photos, videos, and audio files through this mobile spy Android app.

Track Internet activity:

The Android tracking software lets you check Internet activities, web history, and block unwanted or harmful websites.

How to Start

The Safety Promising Android Device Monitoring App

Whether you want to avoid any harm to your relationships or safeguard your family, SpyDetections serves you with an A-class spying experience. SpyDetections is being counted among the top spy apps for Android devices that will keep your loved ones safe.


What Are the Main Benefits of Using SpyDetections?

For Parents

It is quite unfortunate that cybercrimes harm kids. It has become essential for parents to keep track of their kids’ cyber activities to protect them from societal evils. All you need to do is log in to your account and view all the activity on your teens’ phones. SpyDetections is a great Android parental monitoring app to keep an eye on your little ones.

For Yourself

Accidental loss of the device accompanies the loss of vital personal information. SpyDetections takes care of this issue pretty well. You can back up the essential information in your phone to our highly secured server and access it anywhere and everywhere, only by logging into your account.

For Employers

SpyDetections enables you to detect when an employee tries to access non-work-related websites for their personal use via the office PC. You will be alerted instantly. Other than that, you can perform Android device monitoring to check on insincere employees, who might leak out vital info to your rivals.

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

I can't explain in words how lucky I am. With this Android monitor spy app, I spied on my sister and found out that she was dating a toxic guy. Repeated abuse and threats had made her life hell. With SpyDetections, I could track her location and save her from being beaten by the guy. Thank you, SpyDetections, for returning me, my happy sister.

Oliver Johnson
From the last year, I could witness sudden behavioral changes in my son. Despite repeated querying, he refused to open up. That's when I asked a friend of mine to help, who suggested to me with this app for monitoring the Android phone. I had installed it on his phone secretly. What I confronted was shocking! He was facing cyberbullying. Thanks to SpyDetections, I could save my son from a vicious trap.
Monica Raymond
This app is a blessing. With SpyDetections, I have been able to save my business. An employee of mine was going to leak out our business schema to a rival firm for some amount of money. But I managed to get this app installed in his Android phone and caught him red-handed. Such a savior! I would, of course, recommend this cell phone spy app for Android devices.
James Orlando


SpyDetections is one of the best spy apps for Android devices. It can be used to keep track of the activities of those people you care for, like your kids, partner, or business colleagues. This software remains invisible in the target device but will update you with all the information that you need.

The steps to install this Android spyware is pretty simple. First, create an account and purchase the software. Then, you have to root the device in case you want access to the messaging apps. You’ll need an active Internet connection to perform all these steps.
Before starting the installation, make sure your settings permit download from unknown sources. We recommend removing the check from Verify Apps.
From Google, download the .apk file. Go to the file manager and install the file on the device. Now, accept the agreement to proceed further.
Once installed, you can access various spying options from our list as per your choice.

No. To spy on any Android phone, you need to have some Android monitoring app to access the target device’s internal information.

No. You can spy on the Android phone remotely, but you need to have the target device in your hands for the installation.

Devices that have versions Android 4+ are compatible with SpyDetections. Along with that, ensure an active Internet connection on the device.

Unfortunately, no. To monitor a device, you need to have some spyware for Android cell phones, allowing you to access the information present on the target device.

As a caring parent, there might be multiple reasons to always try to protect their child from cybercrimes, or a businessman will not like to compromise on office credibility. Neither would anyone feel good if they find they are being cheated on. Sometimes to protect certain relationships, it becomes essential to spy on Android phones.

SpyDetections is one of the best phone spy apps for Android, and it remains invisible in the target device. It performs in the background, thus effectively hiding its presence.

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