Free Spy App for Android without Installing on target phone

Spy apps are one of the best magical formulas from which you can peek in anyone’s personal life without their knowledge. You can discover their truth no matter how much they lie. The revolution in the field of technology makes these difficult tasks much easier. SpyDetection  has been launched for this purpose for those who are surrounded by lying people. This app can give you full details of the person’s smartphone without their knowledge and can explore them.

If you are a responsible parent and do not want your teenage child to fall into some sort of danger this app is not less than God to you. With your busy life and running for money to fulfill the desires of your family. You may have very little time to talk to their kids. As a result, the child felt left and can choose the wrong path in such an important stage of life. With this app, you can spy on their phone remotely and warn them about any danger to them.

If you are a partner whether love or business you can also know their wrong intention and can save yourself for upcoming danger. If you are an employer and want to make sure that the phones you have issued to your employees are using it responsively you can use these spy app.

Features of SpyDetection App
Installing this app and using this spy app is very easy. You can get this app from any play store. After the app has been downloaded open the app to accept its terms and condition and you are ready to begin. A log-in form will appear and you have to fill the form with your details and set your user name and password. After then go to the control panel and fill the details of the targeted person. You can track up to 3 people by using this single app.

After you fill-up the details of the targeted person an automatic link will be generated and send to the targeted person smartphone. This link will install itself on their phone without the person’s knowledge. He will not notice any changes in the working of his or her smartphone. They will not get any clue that their phone has been spied. After 20minutes you will get the notification and your spying session will begin. Now let us discuss features of this amazing app-

Call Spying: The app gives details of the complete incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted person’s phone. The app will show details according to the name they have been added to their address books. The app also shows the frequency of particular calls. From that, you can make out that the targeted person talks to whom more often. The app also has call blocking features. The feature is important for parents so that they can disconnect and even block the calls when you feel necessary.

Text Spying: Text messages and chats are the most preferred medium for communications. People use text messages more often rather than calls. This app gives you complete details of the incoming and outgoing messages. It also includes messages on various social media apps such as Whatsapp, We chat, Facebook Messenger and many more popular apps along with the pictures and multimedia files. Apart from that, there are many features such as Geofencing, GPS tracker and many more

Advantages of SpyDetection App
The app offers several advantages some of which are as follows-

  • Free: The app is free and there are no hidden charges of using this app at any stage.

  • Regular Updates: The periodic updates of this app make it smooth in operations and keep it free from bugs.

  • User-friendly: The app is easy to use and anyone can master himself within a few days. The layout of the control panel is so easy that can be seen as neat and simple to use.

  • Platform Independent: The app works with both Android and iOS. The app is also compatible with several brands of smartphones such as Samsung, Nokia, and Vivo, Micromax and even Blackberry and iphone. The app can also be used in tablets and PCs as well.

  • Multiple Monitoring: The app offers multiple monitoring from 1 to a maximum of three persons that can be spied from a single app.

  • Full Customer Support: Many companies are not interested in customers after their app has been downloaded. This company is not one of them and is happy to solve any customer queries 24*7.

So do not waste your time searching for other apps that may or may not prove useful to you. Download this amazing app at ( for free and live a tension free life.

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